large meaning in telugu

Word: large
Meaning of large in english - big, abundant

Meanings in telugu :

hurumattu ( హురుమత్తు )

Identical words :

large carpet - akhativaasi ( అఖతివాసి )
large gun-rocket - aduruvētu ( అదురువేటు )
large disk - arig ( అరిగ )
large black bee - rōlambamu ( రోలంబము )
large kettle drum - nagaara ( నగారా )
large kind of bee - indindiramu ( ఇందిందిరము )
large billow - ullōlamu ( ఉల్లోలము )
large pyramidal tree - kangēli ( కంగేలి )
large shell - kambuvu ( కంబువు )
large vesselboiler - kataahamu ( కటాహము )
large water pot - kadav ( కడవ )
large handful - kami ( కమి )
large cucumber - karkari ( కర్కరి )
large stone - gandashil ( గండశిల )
large vessel f - kaLaayi ( కళాయి )

Synonyms of large

huge enormous giant generous full wide broad grand great immense considerable sizable substantial massive hefty populous gigantic extensive vast spacious gross liberal comprehensive tidy blimp sweeping super roomy ample bulky capacious colossal copious excessive exorbitant extravagant grandiose humongous immeasurable jumbo monumental mountainous plentiful stupendous voluminous whopping booming goodly thumping

Antonyms of large

dwarf miniature teeny tiny insignificant minor cramped restricted unimportant inconsiderable exclusive little minute small miniscule empty narrow poor short slight

Related English Telugu Meaning

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