luck meaning in telugu

Word: luck
 Meaning of luck in english - good fortune, chance

Meanings in telugu :

bhaavukamu ( భావుకము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
luckless - abhaagyamu ( అభాగ్యము )
lucky - shubhamu ( శుభము )
luck-penny - bōni ( బోణి )

Synonyms of luck

win stroke serendipity happiness prosperity wealth profit kismet health smile karma blessing advantage break fluke luckiness godsend opportunity success windfall victory occasion triumph good luck lucky break fortunateness big break in the cards run of luck streak of luck fortuity accident destiny fate hazard toss-up happenstance occurrence fifty-fifty

Antonyms of luck

forfeit loss sadness sorrow poverty bad luck disadvantage misfortune failure unhappiness

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