many meaning in telugu

Word: many
Meaning of many in english - profuse, abundant, abundance, a lot

Meanings in telugu :

sphitamu ( స్ఫీతము )

Identical words :

many times - palumaru ( పలుమరు )
many useless words - pallarapulu ( పల్లరపులు )
many thousands - saahasramu ( సాహస్రము )

Synonyms of many

abounding bountiful copious countless crowded frequent innumerable legion manifold multifarious multiplied multitudinous myriad numberless numerous plentiful populous prevalent rife several sundry teeming umpteen uncounted varied various bounteous divers alive with lousy with multifold no end of horde mass multitude oodles plenty scads throng jillion gobs heaps large numbers piles scores thousands tons

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