merciless meaning in telugu

Word: merciless
 Meaning of merciless in english - mean, heartless

Meanings in telugu :

kattidi ( కట్టిడి )

Identical words :

merciless man - adayudu ( అదయుడు )

Synonyms of merciless

unrelenting implacable inexorable barbarous harsh ruthless callous severe grim unyielding cruel fierce unforgiving relentless unsparing unmerciful cutthroat dog-eat-dog gratuitous hard hardhearted hatchet job mortal pitiless uncalled-for unfeeling unflinching unsympathetic wanton compassionless unappeasable unpitying inhumane having a killer instinct iron-fisted

Antonyms of merciless

compassionate merciful kind remorseful polite peaceful considerate sparing flexible sympathetic nice yielding easy gentle mild feeling tender calm bright

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