mere meaning in telugu

Word: mere
 Meaning of mere in english - nothing more, absolute

Meanings in telugu :

vatti ( వట్టి )

Identical words :

mere cipher - anaamadhēyudu ( అనామధేయుడు )
mere nobody - anaamadhēyudu ( అనామధేయుడు )
mere moistening - orapadunu ( ఒరపడును )
mere conceits - koochimaaramu ( కూచిమారము )
mere filament - kottamuttu ( కొత్తముట్టు )
mere trifle - pisaru ( పిసరు )
mere ejaculation - pralaapamu ( ప్రలాపము )

Synonyms of mere

simple sheer bare minor pure poor entire little plain common small bald blunt complete insignificant stark unadorned unadulterated unmitigated utter very pure and simple

Antonyms of mere

indefinite uncertain enormous huge immense large abnormal extraordinary excellent decorated superior great big important

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