Meaning of samanjasy in english - Samanjasy meaning 

Meaning of samanjasy in english

Interpreting samanjasy - सामन्जस्य
Suggested : to bring into harmony , accord, or agreement
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Usage of सामन्जस्य:
1. दाम्पत्य में शुभता और सामन्जस्य बढ़ेगाibnlive.com2. 27 सितंबर का राशिफल: सिंह- दाम्पत्य में सुख सौख्य सामन्जस्य बना रहेगा ibnlive.com3. सामन्जस्य और स्थायित्व बढ़ेगा
1. Mutilate a verse, Saying so that the rhythm disappears 2. The consensus honoree is Belgian Father Louis Hennepin 3. They dined together to seal their reconciliation 4. It reigns a beautiful, scholarly harmony between all parts of this composition 5. Beat the butter, eggs, cream, sauce, Beat to give them consistency 6. Small poem of a popular tone, generally divided into couplets with chorus and usually sung to a tune known 7. These patterns are in keeping with the South generally. 8. Mount two instruments in unison 9. He probably made his first public concert appearance at the age of nine
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samanjasy can be used as noun.. No of characters: 9 including consonants matras. Transliteration : saamanjasya 
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