faint meaning in telugu

Word: faint
 Meaning of faint in english - having little effect on senses, weak, unconsciousness, lose consciousness

Meanings in telugu :

sōlu ( సోలు )

Identical words :

faintness - somm ( సొమ్మ )
fainting - soragu ( సొరగు )

Synonyms of faint

dim remote dull slight inaudible hazy soothing gentle mild distant muffled far-off soft vague delicate deep padded pale wan hushed aside low piano moderate whispered subdued smooth quiet faded obscure bland breathless dusty feeble hoarse ill-defined imperceptible indistinct lenient shadowy tenuous unclear low-pitched muted stifled murmuring blurred faltering deadened muttering softened bleached bated out of earshot exhausted drooping dizzy fatigued tender enervated fragile languid lethargic lightheaded unenthusiastic woozy insensibility vertigo collapse syncope knockout swoon stupor dizziness blackout grayout black out succumb keel over pass out flicker drop fall fail weaken languish be overcome become unconscious

Antonyms of faint

intelligent nearby friendly healthy boisterous brave courageous resolute bright clear distinct smart close warm sharp thick firm strong loud certain definite sure rough violent harsh colorful uncontrolled heavy bold animated lively invigorated refreshed energized consciousness ascend improve rise strengthen reach

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