fair meaning in telugu

Word: fair
 Meaning of fair in english - impartial, unprejudiced, light-complexioned, light-haired, mediocre, satisfactory, beautiful, bright, cloudless (weather), exposition, carnival

Meanings in telugu :

hattamu ( హట్టము )

Identical words :

As noun :
fairy - shaakini ( శాకిని )
fair tressesa poetical phrase f - krovved ( క్రొవ్వెద )
fair complexion - gauramu ( గౌరము )
fair girl - polati ( పొలతి )

Synonyms of fair

civil sincere unbiased lawful proper principled generous decent objective honorable good reasonable straightforward candid legitimate equitable equal honest trustworthy clean courteous square just open frank upright moderate nonpartisan aboveboard benevolent blameless disinterested dispassionate even-handed on the level pious praiseworthy respectable righteous scrupulous temperate virtuous uncorrupted on up-and-up uncolored neutral pale pearly faded argent blond blanched white sallow blonde chalky colorless creamy milky pallid snowy fair-haired bleached fair-skinned flaxen-haired pale-faced silvery tow-haired tow-headed whitish adequate medium okay average middling commonplace intermediate ordinary mean all right indifferent passable so-so tolerable usual fairish not bad pretty good up to standard attractive dainty lovely charming enchanting bonny chaste comely delicate exquisite good-looking handsome pure beauteous pulchritudinous clear favorable calm dry fine clarion balmy clement mild placid pleasant sunny tranquil rainless unclouded smiling sunshiny undarkened unthreatening exhibit pageant show festival gala bazaar display market celebration observance fete exhibition spectacle occasion

Antonyms of fair

impolite unkind dishonest untrustworthy biased subjective illegal illegitimate unlawful unsuitable intolerable unfair unreliable deceitful unjust lying disproportionate repulsive cloudy stormy rude tricky prejudiced misbehaving mean partial unvirtuous unreasonable devious unequitable decided dark ugly inclement rainy colorful black darkened brunette colored insufficient inadequate abnormal extraordinary unusual infrequent unfit extreme exceptional rare uncommon noble repellent concealment

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