handsomeness meaning in telugu

Word: handsomeness
 Meaning of handsomeness in english - beauty, grandeur, pulchritude, comeliness

Meanings in telugu :

bedagu ( బెడగు )

Synonyms of handsomeness

style delicacy artistry elegance refinement allure charm grace symmetry fascination loveliness attraction fairness polish allurement bloom class good looks adorableness exquisiteness shapeliness winsomeness glamor grandiosity dignity breadth pomp glory majesty richness gravity greatness brilliance vastness splendor opulence magnificence nobility sumptuousness transcendency fineness elevation eminence fame preeminence state might circumstance loftiness sway celebrity amplitude distinction immensity impressiveness luxuriousness expansiveness stateliness sublimity augustness inclusiveness superbity prettiness physical attractiveness

Antonyms of handsomeness

dog disadvantage inelegance roughness crudeness homeliness offensiveness ugliness simplicity insignificance dullness

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