Dot meaning in hindi | Dot ka matlab 

Dot meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dot 
Usage of Dot: 1: Dots are important in a graphor geometry
Join up the dots to complete the drawing
A dot is used as a full stop at the end of a sentance
The island was just a dot in the occan
2: The students wre asked to dot the cities in the map. 3: I'll be there at noon on the dot . 4: Hajjaj ibn Yusuf: a dot above = 5: The remains of old churches dot the central cityscape. 6: Small islands dot the continental rims. 7: Another 113 fishing villages dot the hinterland. 8: Numerous mosques and churches dot the capital. 9: The dot product is a typical example of an inner product. 10: In a random dot autostereogram
Dot ki paribhasha : kaan ka ek aabhooshan kisi satah ke oopar thodi door tak phaila hua aisa sthaan jo satah ke rng ke mel men na ho aur bhadda lagata ho vah avakaash jisamen koi chij rah sake

Dot synonyms
droplet fleck speck dab tittle jot mote particle point period grain atom circle mite iota pinpoint flyspeck sprinkle stud stipple freckle dabble pimple pepper bespeckle 
Usage of Dot in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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