Impossible meaning in hindi | Impossible ka matlab 

Impossible meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Impossible 
As adjective : असम्भव
Usage of Impossible: 1: his assignment verged on the impossible 2: this is statistically impossible 3: It is impossible to reach on time for the function. 4: mathematically impossible 5: technologically impossible 6: It is impossible to find ones way through the maze of terminology in this book. 7: it is physically impossible 8: "
It was wellnigh impossible to go there.
9: It was impossible to sort through the miscellany & find something. 10: Since his views were impossible to disagree with
Impossible ki paribhasha : na aarogy hone ke yogy ek kaavyaalnkaar jisamen yah dikhaaya jaay ki jo baat ho gai hai usaka hona asnbhav tha

Impossible synonyms
unimaginable impractical inaccessible unworkable unreasonable preposterous impassable insurmountable hopeless futile useless unattainable inconceivable unthinkable absurd visionary impervious impracticable irreparable out of the question too much unfeasible way out cureless contrary to reason hardly possible hundred-to-one inexecutable infeasible irrealizable no-go no-way no-win not a prayer unachievable uncorrectable unobtainable unrecoverable ludicrous outrageous unacceptable offensive undesirable egregious improper incongruous objectionable unsuitable unanswerable
Impossible antonyms
believable imaginable sensible logical conceivable achievable obtainable possible tenable governable manageable tolerable practical reasonable hopeful behaving good acceptable pleasing 
Usage of Impossible in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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