border meaning in marathi

Word: border
Meaning of border in english - outermost edge, margin, boundary, frontier, bound on, be on the edge

Meanings in marathi :

kad ( कड )
जुव्यातील दानाचा एक प्रकार
kaath ( काठ )
Synonyms of border
line perimeter trim circumference end brim extremity fringe lip periphery verge hem limit confine skirt brink trimming outskirt bounds selvage entrance outpost sideline march borderline pale threshold door beginning marchland encircle surround abut flank adjoin neighbor frame enclose touch circumscribe contour define communicate delineate outline bind decorate be adjacent to mark off
Antonyms of border
inside interior middle mainland region territory center release let go lose free loose
Identical words :
As adjective :
borderline - laani ( लानी )
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