boring meaning in marathi

Word: boring
Meaning of boring in english - uninteresting

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
ubagavaanen ( उबगवाणें )
उबग आणणारे
Synonyms of boring
tedious mundane monotonous stodgy humdrum tiring dull lifeless stupid trite stuffy tiresome tame stale flat commonplace bomb bummer plebeian stereotyped zero dead nothing drag drab routine cloying arid colorless insipid interminable irksome moth-eaten prosaic repetitious spiritless threadbare unexciting vapid wearisome bromidic platitudinous nowhere drudging characterless ho hum unvaried
Antonyms of boring
exciting interesting lively eventful intelligent current unusual fascinating smart bright new
Identical words :
boring work - bhaatavelani ( भातवेळणी )
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