crowded meaning in marathi

Word: crowded
Meaning of crowded in english - busy, congested

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
ghanadaat ( घनदाट )
daat ( दाट )
भर- गच्च
Synonyms of crowded
full teeming cramped jammed loaded populous packed compact clean brimming overflowing stuffed close chock-full dense full house thick tight awash brimful thickset huddled jam-packed mobbed crammed crushed thronged swarming massed SRO elbow-to-elbow filled to the rafters fit to bust full up lousy with mob scene sardined sold out standing room only stiff with topped off up to here up to the hilt
Antonyms of crowded
deserted unfilled empty loose imprecise uncrowded
Identical words :
crowded and noisy - rachamachit ( रचमचीत )
crowded place - samaesthaan ( समएस्थान )
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