delicate meaning in marathi

Word: delicate
Meaning of delicate in english - dainty, weak, sickly, fussy, discriminating, difficult, sticky (situation), careful, tactful

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sakumaar ( सकुमार )
Synonyms of delicate
rare gentle fragile mild elegant delightful delicious graceful tender subtle soft exquisite aerial balmy breakable choice delectable ethereal faint filmy fine flimsy frail gauzy nice pale pastel select slight subdued superior finespun frangible fine-grained fracturable gossamery hairline muted recherché shatterable shattery slender ailing debilitated decrepit feeble infirm susceptible unhealthy sensitive refined critical alert fastidious finicky particular persnickety prudish pure scrupulous squeamish thin-skinned finical finicking tricky unpredictable touchy precarious volatile ticklish uncertain hair-trigger precise detailed deft accurate adept cautious considerate diplomatic discreet expert heedful masterly minute politic proficient prudent skilled tactical wary
Antonyms of delicate
horrible unpleasant callous healthy indelicate inelegant robust healthful uncritical unscrupulous ordinary crude rough violent harsh loud strong firm tough ugly hard coarse heavy imprecise insensitive uncareful indiscriminating stable easy
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