excess meaning in marathi

Word: excess
Meaning of excess in english - overabundance of something, overindulgence in personal desires

Meanings in marathi :

bhar ( भर )
Synonyms of excess
glut waste exuberance surplus profusion exorbitance surfeit plethora superabundance rest wastefulness residue redundancy lavishness overload enough oversupply leavings inundation overweight fat spare plenty leftover overflow remainder overrun by-product refuse overmuch superfluity balance too much overkill nimiety supererogation fulsomeness redundance luxuriance overdose recrement the limit too much of a good thing extravagance extreme extremity self-indulgence prodigality debauchery dissoluteness saturnalia dissipation intemperance unrestraint immoderation inordinateness immoderacy
Antonyms of excess
insufficiency lack core little scarcity dearth deficiency poverty shortcoming deprivation economy frugality moderation need want base few
Identical words :
As adjective :
excessive - tor ( तोर )
excessive behaviour - adhikavritti ( अधिकवृत्ति )
excessive number of blossoms - atibhaar ( अतिभार )
excessive speed - vegaatiso ( वेगातिसो )
excessive length of a book - sthalaatichaar ( स्थळातिचार )
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