hazy meaning in marathi

Word: hazy
Meaning of hazy in english - cloudy, confused

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
jhaavalen ( झावळें )
Synonyms of hazy
opaque dim dusky unclear misty murky smoky overcast dull mushy soupy frosty fuzzy foggy faint nebulous vague blurry clouded bleary gauzy indefinite indistinct obscure shadowy steaming thick vaporous veiled screened smoggy blurred bleared crepuscular fuliginous fumy obfuscated obfuscous rimy uncertain dazed dizzy dreamy groggy ill-defined muddled unintelligible unsound whirling stuporous
Antonyms of hazy
intelligent explained clear bright distinct light smart luminous definite sunny certain sure unconfused uncloudy
Identical words :
hazy figure - bhuraden ( भुरडें )
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