intense meaning in marathi

Word: intense
Meaning of intense in english - forceful, severe, passionate

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
samasamit ( समसमित )
tivr ( तीव्र )
Synonyms of intense
acute great excessive energetic extraordinary powerful profound protracted deep heightened intensive violent vivid harsh fierce sharp strong bitter extreme agonizing ardent biting burning close concentrated consuming cutting diligent eager earnest exaggerated exceptional exquisite fanatical fervent fervid forcible full hard impassioned keen marked piercing pungent shrill stinging strained supreme vehement zealous intensified undue
Antonyms of intense
stupid unimportant ignorant lazy superficial unintelligent aboveboard pale peaceful kind indistinct low-key slow blunt dull weak moderate shallow mild soft gentle calm nice bland
Identical words :
intense desire - heva ( हेवा )
intense liking - lolo ( लोलो )
intense emotion - kaatali ( कातळी )
intense love - paramechu ( परमेचु )
intensely loving - premaagali ( प्रेमागळी )
intense display of a poetical sentiment - rasavrittivritti ( रसवृत्ति--वृत्ती )
intense affection - lobhaalupan ( लोभालुपण )
intense effort - hiradabharad ( हिरडभरड )
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