job meaning in marathi

Word: job
Meaning of job in english - employment, task

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vevhaar ( वेव्हार )
उदरनिर्वाहाचे साधन
लौकिक व्यवहार
Synonyms of job
appointment office business career assignment work spot profession stint place activity position post trade operation situation chore livelihood racket grind occupation vocation handicraft engagement gig means function niche posting opening billet pursuit faculty capacity line swindle berth calling connection daily grind métier rat race nine-to-five duty project thing role action responsibility effort affair province burden matter undertaking enterprise mission errand commission charge venture contribution obligation deed concern tour of duty devoir
Antonyms of job
entertainment fun pastime avocation recreation idleness hobby surrender inability incompetence unemployment disregard inaction inactivity irresponsibility
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