knowing meaning in marathi

Word: knowing
Meaning of knowing in english - experienced, aware

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
jaananen ( जाणणें )
जाणण्याची क्रिया
Synonyms of knowing
brilliant sophisticated perceptive intelligent insightful wise intended expert deliberate discerning sage slick qualified awake crack quick sharp smart cool alive apprehensive astute brainy bright canny clever cognizant competent conscious conversant intentional judicious knowledgeable observant quick-witted sagacious sensible sentient skillful vigilant watchful well-informed worldly worldly-wise percipient sophic tuned-in with-it
Antonyms of knowing
stupid unaware unintelligent ignorant unskilled lazy kind inexperienced unknowing poor slow dull unstylish
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knowinglyknowledge about the ātmanknowledge based on verbal authorityknowledge indicating the four eternal categories in mahānubhāva metaphysicsknowledge of how to reach the transcendent godknowledge of that essenceknowledge of the nature of the supreme godknowledge of the ultimate truthknowledge that gets lost or forgottenknowledgeknowledgeabilityknowledgeable member of the mahānubhāva sectknowledgeable person who desires to follow a divine incarnationknowledgeable personknowledgeable womanknowledgeableknown by hearsayknownkokoḷī womankubera the treasurer of the godskuṅkum applied to the forehead of a married woman whose husband is alivekuṇḍalinī which resembles a serpentkuṇḍalinīkālakramakālayavana a demon killed by kṛṣṇakālvār si 1 18kāmarūpa the name of a region now called assamkārtikeyakṛṣṇa as a cowherd