curds meaning in telugu

Word: curds
 Meaning of curds in english - clot, curdle, pulp

Meanings in telugu :

dadhi ( దధి )

Identical words :

curds beaten with water - chall ( చల్ల )

Synonyms of curds

clump set battery cluster array thickness bunch group gob precipitate body glob consolidation bundle bulk occlusion batch clotting embolism grume conglutination curdling coagulum embolus thrombus coalescence thicken acerbate condense turn spoil ferment congeal coagulate go off acidulate acidify clabber turn sour paste pap mush mash sponge jam dough marrow poultice triturate pomace sarcocarp semisolid

Antonyms of curds

individual one

Related English Telugu Meaning

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