deposit meaning in telugu

Word: deposit
 Meaning of deposit in english - down payment, money saved, accumulation of solid, locate, put in place for safekeeping

Meanings in telugu :

nikrēpamu ( నిక్రేపము )

Identical words :

deposited - nyastamu ( న్యస్తము )
depositing - nyaasamu ( న్యాసము )

Synonyms of deposit

security warranty stake pledge installment drop retainer money in the bank partial payment silt lees drift deposition dregs precipitate precipitation sediment grounds settlings delta alluvium amass invest deliver stash collect transfer accumulate hoard plant treasure plop ditch plunk park repose garner stow settle lay commit rest entrust store salt away squirrel away sock away give in trust lay away plunk down put aside put by sit down

Antonyms of deposit

whole debit withdrawal break disperse scatter squander disorder unsettle energize use wait dissipate divide spend throw away waste hold upset do depart move neglect take away take out

Related English Telugu Meaning

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