dispel meaning in telugu

Word: dispel
 Meaning of dispel in english - drive away thought, belief

Meanings in telugu :

nivaarianchu ( నివారించు )

Synonyms of dispel

resolve dismiss dissipate disperse allay eliminate oust disband eject expel disintegrate rout distribute scramble repel deploy cancel crumble scatter banish break up split up chase away beat off break it up

Antonyms of dispel

welcome permit accumulate garner accept keep collect gather hold take in allow

Related English Telugu Meaning

dispersedisperseddispersiondispiritednessdisplaydisplayeddispleasingdispleasuredisposabledispositiondisputation held to find out the truth regarding anythingdisputedisputed landfield the boundary line of which is questioneddisquietdisquieteddisregarddisregardeddisrespectdissatisfactiondissembling
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