display meaning in telugu

Word: display
 Meaning of display in english - public showing, spectacle, show for public viewing, effect

Meanings in telugu :

vēduk ( వేడుక )

Identical words :

displayed - praakatamu ( ప్రాకటము )

Synonyms of display

exhibit parade demonstration act array presentation example unfolding dash pretension affectation fanfare splurge layout exposure revelation arrangement spread splash exposition exhibition scheme blaze pomp frippery ostentation manifestation front pedantry flourish vanity shine sample pageant pretentiousness splendor panorama frame-up ostentatiousness bravura showboat arrayal for show grandstand play reveal boast represent perform emblazon flash feature publish unveil flaunt disclose demonstrate advertise promote open expose illustrate unfurl evidence evince bare vamp sport brandish glaze unroll betray impart extend unmask expand promulgate uncover model lay out show off trot out showcase bring to view lay bare make clear make known open out set out spread out

Antonyms of display

concealment simplicity modesty hiding dullness plainness hide refrain withhold abridge lessen shorten cover keep contract lower shrink

Related English Telugu Meaning

displayeddispleasingdispleasuredisposabledispositiondisputation held to find out the truth regarding anythingdisputedisputed landfield the boundary line of which is questioneddisquietdisquieteddisregarddisregardeddisrespectdissatisfactiondissemblingdissentdissenterdissimulationdissipatedissipated
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