draft meaning in telugu

Word: draft
 Meaning of draft in english - something formulated, plan, check for paying money, gust of air, military conscription, drink of beverage, select for military force

Meanings in telugu :

baraatamu ( బరాతము )

Synonyms of draft

blueprint version outline abstract delineation preliminary form rough sketch bill debenture coupon IOU receipt warrant order bond promissory note cheque letter of credit bank draft money order current puff eddy breeze wind selection lottery levy assignment registration induction allotment roll call recruiting greetings impressment selective service call of duty call-up letter from Uncle Sam drench drain swill swig glass drag swallow peg quaff prepare devise design forge draw up manufacture delineate compose concoct skeleton fabricate make contrive invent project characterize shape fashion adumbrate frame block out choose enroll muster enlist indite call up dragoon conscribe sign on

Antonyms of draft

disorganize destroy ruin demolish wreck raze break neglect tell truth stop avoid dodge

Related English Telugu Meaning

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