drag meaning in telugu

Word: drag
 Meaning of drag in english - bad situation, a puff while smoking, haul something to a new place, move very slowly

Meanings in telugu :

sarugudu ( సరుగుడు )

Identical words :

dragging - idupu ( ఈడుపు )
drag-hook - konki ( కొంకి )
dragon fly - toonig ( తూనిగ )
dragonet - mopp ( మొప్ప )

Synonyms of drag

impediment burden annoyance pain hang-up bother pill nuisance pest hindrance encumbrance trouble sway bore pull draw breathing smoke inhalation tow lug transport yank truck trail hale magnetize tug schlepp crawl creep shuffle procrastinate traipse poke linger lag sag tarry delay dawdle stagnate loiter inch straggle dally shamble mark time put off be delayed be quiescent encounter difficulty lag behind limp along slow down

Antonyms of drag

aid delight happiness joy assistance help pleasure comfort good health remain push repel repulse turn off rush complete hurry hasten speed advance finish leave

Related English Telugu Meaning

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