great meaning in telugu

Word: great
Meaning of great in english - very large, important, celebrated, excellent, skillful

Meanings in telugu :

zaaga ( ాగా )

Identical words :

great toe - angutamu ( అంగుటము )
greatness - sthaulyamu ( స్థౌల్యము )
great eagerness - utkant ( ఉత్కంత )
great distance - edadavvu ( ఎడదవ్వు )
great pressure - torutrokku ( తొరుత్రొక్కు )
great dislike - ōkar ( ఓకర )
great rat - kokku ( కొక్కు )
great in any sense - gopp ( గొప్ప )
great noise - gōlugōlu ( గోలుగోలు )
greatness in any sense - ghanamu ( ఘనము )
great plunder - chubbunachoor ( చుబ్బునచూర )
great haste - tondar ( తొందర )
great fear - nivver ( నివ్వెర )
greatin any sense - penu ( పెను )

Synonyms of great

huge enormous tremendous big terrible high immense strong considerable vast extreme husky mammoth fat bull abundant ample big league bulky colossal decided excessive extended extensive extravagant gigantic grievous humongous inordinate jumbo lengthy long major league numerous prodigious prolonged pronounced stupendous titanic towering voluminous protracted mondo oversize impressive remarkable outstanding grand famous glorious fine heroic talented superior august noble royal capital notable primary chief leading superlative main principal commanding dignified distinguished eminent exalted famed high-minded honorable idealistic illustrious lofty magnanimous noted noteworthy paramount prominent regal renowned stately sublime puissant highly regarded perfect fantastic good tough exceptional positive awesome admirable terrific marvelous bad wonderful best absolute heavy expert adept crack aces cold total adroit brutal complete consummate downright egregious first-class first-rate masterly number one out of sight out of this world out-and-out proficient transcendent unmitigated unqualified utter dynamite fab hellacious super-duper

Antonyms of great

miniature teeny tiny insignificant unimportant few infamous powerless unknown ignorant menial stupid unskilled little minute small low soft weak mild moderate limited thin short uncelebrated undignified poor unremarkable inconspicuous contemptible minor extra nonessential inessential subordinate unnecessary auxiliary unimpressive ordinary bad inferior secondary imperfect usual unpleasant detestable inconsiderable OK flawed common conventional plain rotten expected

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