imperceptible meaning in telugu

Word: imperceptible
Meaning of imperceptible in english - hard to sense, faint

Meanings in telugu :

parōkshamu ( పరోక్షము )

Identical words :

imperceptible to the senses - atindriyamu ( అతీంద్రియము )
imperceptible by the senses - parōkshamu ( పరోక్షము )

Synonyms of imperceptible

insignificant gradual indistinguishable microscopic invisible subtle inaudible ephemeral evanescent fine impalpable inconspicuous indiscernible indistinct infinitesimal insensible minute momentary shadowy slight small tiny trivial vague imponderable inappreciable inconsiderable unnoticeable

Antonyms of imperceptible

evident noticeable obvious perceptible seeable striking apparent conspicuous distinct

Related English Telugu Meaning

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