kind meaning in telugu

Word: kind
 Meaning of kind in english - generous, good, class, species, type, character

Meanings in telugu :

hitamu ( హితము )

Identical words :

As noun :
kindness - saujanyamu ( సౌజన్యము )
kind of cake - sadikudak ( సడికుడక )
kind of grass that sticks to the cloth - antis ( అంటిస )
kind of puzzle - antarlaapi ( అంతర్లాపి )
kind of game - budikiLlu ( బుడికిళ్లు )
kind of sweet scented wood - agaru ( అగరు )
kind of sandal - agaru ( అగరు )
kind of hawk - saaranamu ( సారణము )
kind of plant - vedalachettu ( వెడలచెట్టు )
kind of copper dish - arivaanamu ( అరివాణము )
kind of fish - saalakamu ( సాలకము )
kind of wild shrub - allichettu ( అల్లిచెట్టు )
kind of - boddu ( బొద్దు )
kind of tree - sēLamu ( సేళము )
kind of necklace - biriki ( బిరికీ )

Synonyms of kind

sympathetic affectionate charitable amiable kindly kindhearted cordial courteous compassionate tolerant gentle thoughtful humane gracious considerate friendly loving humanitarian understanding altruistic amicable beneficent benevolent benign big clement congenial eleemosynary indulgent lenient mild neighborly obliging philanthropic propitious soft touch softhearted tenderhearted bounteous all heart bleeding-heart good-hearted heart in right place sort brand set variety family classification breed ilk race genus order style way nature number manner lot description tribe gender fiber designation habit stamp essence denomination connection complexion stripe temperament persuasion mold tendency

Antonyms of kind

merciless uncaring unfeeling unsympathetic unfriendly unsociable antagonistic unkind hateful inconsiderate uncompassionate aloof indifferent discourteous cruel inattentive ungenerous cold cool disagreeable disliking inhumane mean hard harsh rough severe rude nasty violent unmindful thoughtless bad

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