kindness meaning in telugu

Word: kindness
 Meaning of kindness in english - compassion, generosity, helping act, service

Meanings in telugu :

saujanyamu ( సౌజన్యము )

Synonyms of kindness

tenderness sympathy goodness gentleness forbearance solicitude tolerance humanity understanding courtesy decency altruism grace patience sweetness unselfishness benevolence good will hospitality cordiality affection kindliness heart mildness indulgence magnanimity amiability delicacy tact philanthropy helpfulness clemency beneficence consideration thoughtfulness charity fellow feeling graciousness serviceability solicitousness good intention mercy benediction succor alms assistance blessing favor lift dispensation relief boon bounty aid benefaction boost accommodation good deed good turn

Antonyms of kindness

animosity hatred hostility ill will indifference indecency intolerance selfishness thoughtlessness cruelty harshness mercilessness meanness barbarousness blockage harm hindrance hurt injury obstruction disapproval disadvantage

Related English Telugu Meaning

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