lower meaning in telugu

Word: lower
 Meaning of lower in english - under, inferior, let down, fall, reduce, minimize, belittle, disgrace

Meanings in telugu :

vaanchu ( వంచు )

Identical words :

lower garment - antariyamu ( అంతరీయము )
lower part of the thigh - kridod ( క్రీదొడ )
lower jaw - pichamu ( పీచము )
lower arm - moor ( మూర )
lower part of the belly - vasti ( వస్తి )

Synonyms of lower

junior reduced minor low subordinate secondary bush-league lesser nether smaller subjacent second-class diminished decreased lessened curtailed lower rung pared down second-fiddle second-string depress drop sink droop ground descend submerge couch take down demit bring low cast down detrude make lower push down set down cut soften devalue slash downgrade cut down depreciate shave prune clip undervalue deflate downsize decry abate demote moderate devaluate cut back tone down write off scale down de-escalate mark down roll back debase humble stoop condescend degrade deign demean abase humiliate

Antonyms of lower

increased higher elevated major important superior grow heighten compliment laud praise rise strengthen enlarge lengthen prolong extend develop expand honor upgrade enhance improve build up promote

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