impartial meaning in telugu

Word: impartial
 Meaning of impartial in english - fair, unprejudiced

Meanings in telugu :

samamu ( సమము )

Synonyms of impartial

disinterested evenhanded fair-minded open-minded dispassionate unbiased neutral candid objective equitable detached nonpartisan equal impersonal just middle-of-the-road nondiscriminating nondiscriminatory on-the-fence unbigoted uncolored unslanted

Antonyms of impartial

biased interested subjective unfair discriminating unjust involved passionate prejudiced partial

Related English Telugu Meaning

impassableimpatience of anothers successimpatienceimpedimentimpendingimpenetrableimper let us giveimperative ofimperative rise yeimperativeimperceptible by the sensesimperceptible to the sensesimperceptibleimperfectimperishableimpertinenceimpertinentimpetuosityimpetuousimpetus
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