crowd meaning in marathi

Word: crowd
Meaning of crowd in english - large assembly, special group of friends, cram, press into area

Meanings in marathi :

maandimelaava ( मांदीमेळावा )
Synonyms of crowd
throng horde sellout people crew congregation mass lot party mob circle pack flood set stream clique cluster cattle flock drove array cloud bunch congeries army legion masses posse crush swarm concourse jam rabble multitude coterie faction company blowout herd confluence host conflux meet troupe deluge muster tumult surge organization rank and file gaggle scores great unwashed push in-crowd swamp congest gather huddle congregate pile squeeze bundle squish shove squash bear elbow troop jam-pack overcrowd sardine chock justle pack like sardines top off
Antonyms of crowd
individual single one peace disperse scatter retreat distribute divide separate spread let go pull throw away abandon leave
Identical words :
As adjective :
crowded - ghanadaat ( घनदाट )
crowd of people - rachamach ( रचमच )
crowded and noisy - rachamachit ( रचमचीत )
crowd of saints - santamaandi ( संतमांदी )
crowded place - samaesthaan ( समएस्थान )
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