fierce meaning in marathi

Word: fierce
Meaning of fierce in english - violent, menacing

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vikat ( विकट )
tivr ( तीव्र )
Synonyms of fierce
savage passionate ferocious bold stormy raging dangerous vehement powerful vicious brutal intense angry fiery cutthroat furious strong terrible relentless murderous animal ape awful barbarous bloodthirsty blustery boisterous cruel enraged fell feral frightening horrible impetuous infuriated malevolent malign primitive raving tempestuous threatening truculent tumultous/tumultuous uncontrollable untamed venomous wild brutish flipped howling
Antonyms of fierce
kind indifferent uncaring apathetic pleasant meek nonviolent peaceful calm tame nice cold cool dull happy gentle mild weak quiet good moderate tender unthreatening
Identical words :
As noun :
fierceness - tivrapan ( तीव्रपण )
fierce but r a musical instrument - ghanghaal ( घंघाळ )
fierce king - baagularaay ( बागुलराय )
fierce goddess of the battlefield - ranajakhini ( रणजखिणी )
fierce on the battlefield - ranabhyaasur ( रणभ्यासुर )
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