disorderly meaning in telugu

Word: disorderly
 Meaning of disorderly in english - messy, untidy, causing trouble, unlawful

Meanings in telugu :

kangaari ( కంగారి )

Synonyms of disorderly

chaotic undisciplined disorganized jumbled confused heterogeneous indiscriminate irregular scattered slovenly topsy-turvy tumult unkempt unrestrained untrained cluttered unsystematic all over the place dislocated mixed up out-of-control out-of-line out-of-step out-of-whack scrambled uncombed unmethodical fractious rowdy rebellious raucous disruptive unruly boisterous disobedient drunk intemperate noisy obstreperous refractory riotous stormy tumultous/tumultuous turbulent uncontrollable ungovernable unmanageable wayward uncompliant indisciplined off-base on-a-tear out-of-order

Antonyms of disorderly

ordered organized systematic conforming manageable well-behaved arranged neat orderly systematized trim disciplined compliant obedient calm

Related English Telugu Meaning

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