handsome meaning in telugu

Word: handsome
Meaning of handsome in english - attractive, abundant

Meanings in telugu :

saumyamu ( సౌమ్యము )

Identical words :

As noun :
handsomeness - bedagu ( బెడగు )

Synonyms of handsome

beautiful clean-cut athletic suave smooth elegant good-looking graceful stylish dapper lovely personable smart stately admirable aristocratic august becoming comely fair fashionable fine impressive majestic noble robust sharp spruce strong virile pulchritudinous well-dressed well-proportioned lavish generous gracious ample bountiful considerable extensive full large liberal magnanimous munificent openhanded plentiful princely sizable unsparing

Antonyms of handsome

unsophisticated unattractive insignificant stingy homely ugly ruffled awkward rough wrinkled unfashionable dull unstylish disagreeable poor small ungiving

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