make much of meaning in telugu

Word: make much of
 Meaning of make much of in english - coddle, compliment, drool, emphasize, extol, fete, grovel, praise, italicize

Meanings in telugu :

kustarianchu ( కుస్తరించు )

Synonyms of make much of

humor pet cosset favor caress mollycoddle spoil baby nurse cotton cater to make over play up to congratulate applaud commend cajole endorse toast satisfy glorify magnify felicitate eulogize sanction please hail worship soothe exalt cheer acclaim charm celebrate recommend commemorate adulate honor salute butter up pat on the back panegyrize fawn upon give bouquet hand it to ingratiate oneself with kudize pay respects pay tribute to puff up roose sing praises of speak highly of take off hat to trade last wish joy to fondle want gush rave rhapsodize dote on enthuse rhapsody lick chops slobber over reiterate repeat affirm accentuate assert indicate maintain underscore highlight point out underline punctuate hit pinpoint weight headline pronounce dramatize enunciate enlarge articulate mark charge impress spotlight bear down dwell on limelight insist on labor the point make a point make clear make emphatic point up put accent on rub in hymn root bless stroke push boost brag about cry up give a boost to givea bouquet hats off to hear it for entertain festival feast lionize treat holiday wine and dine hold reception for roll out the red carpet beseech kowtow pamper flatter creep stoop implore blandish kneel wheedle crouch snivel court crawl truckle cower beg bootlick prostrate cringe revere apple-polish bow and scrape yes soft-soap brown-nose beg for mercy eat crow eat dirt eat humble pie fall all over humble oneself make up to suck up to kiss one's feet admire advocate appreciate tout proclaim cite ennoble dignify elevate resound reverence distinguish clap approve aggrandize build up bow down give thanks pay homage rave over sing the praises smile on feature

Antonyms of make much of

ignore neglect turn away blame censure disapprove anger dissuade castigate condemn humiliate shame refuse displease worry dishonor denounce complain insult libel slander criticize repel upset debase depress disrespect discourage forget deny mumble play down understate lose depreciate decrease disregard straighten answer boast protest disparage conceal hide damn belittle degrade demote disgrace prevent veto disallow accuse reproach oppose overlook lower

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