hands meaning in telugu

Word: hands
 Meaning of hands in english - appendage at end of human arm,, person who does labor, help, aid, handwriting, round of applause

Meanings in telugu :

mogudu ( మొగుడు )

Identical words :

As noun :
handsomeness - bedagu ( బెడగు )
As adjective :
handsome - saumyamu ( సౌమ్యము )
hands joined - aanjali ( అంజలి )
hands held together so as to formcup - dōsili ( దోసిలి )
handsel - bōni ( బోణి )

Synonyms of hands

grip fist ham paw extremity grasp hold fin hook palm shaker mitt metacarpus phalanges including fingers duke laborer helper worker aide roustabout artisan employee operative craftsperson artificer hired person control skill support part ability direction agency influence assistance instruction share succor lift relief knack guidance participation chirography script longhand calligraphy ovation clap handclapping

Antonyms of hands

encumbrance hindrance obstruction prevention silence release check weakness ignorance inability hurt

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