crossbar meaning in marathi

Word: crossbar
Meaning of crossbar in english - bar, beam, rung, end zone, rafter

Meanings in marathi :

aadadaandi ( आडदांडी )
आडसरा- सारखे आडवे लाकूड
Synonyms of crossbar
streak pig stroke strip slab rib stake boom spar ingot batten billet rail stripe shaft pole rule lever stick paling spoke crosspiece girder scaffolding joist pillar plank timber bail bolster stanchion prop trestle pile stud brace balk reach stay axle post strut column jamb transverse piling sill lintel lath stringer cantilever two-by-four scantling tread degree level grade rod board round stage rundle goal end line goal line
Antonyms of crossbar
loss whole advantage aid failure
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