disobedient meaning in telugu

Word: disobedient
 Meaning of disobedient in english - defiant, mischievous

Meanings in telugu :

pratipamu ( ప్రతీపము )

Synonyms of disobedient

contrary contumacious disorderly fractious froward headstrong insubordinate intractable naughty noncompliant obstreperous perverse recalcitrant refractory undisciplined unruly wayward willful resistive uncompliant

Antonyms of disobedient

obedient observant accepting behaving nice

Related English Telugu Meaning

disorderdisordereddisorderlydisparitydispeldispersedisperseddispersiondispiritednessdisplaydisplayeddispleasingdispleasuredisposabledispositiondisputation held to find out the truth regarding anythingdisputedisputed landfield the boundary line of which is questioneddisquietdisquieted
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