make money meaning in telugu

Word: make money
 Meaning of make money in english - counterfeit, pay, profit, prosper

Meanings in telugu :

aarjianchu ( ఆర్జించు )

Synonyms of make money

fabricate feign simulate imitate dupe impersonate fake carbon mint defraud ape copy cheat forge sham do clone phony Xerox bluff affect coin delude ditto assume pretend mimic knock off put on mimeo act like circulate bad money do like go like make like phony up stat bring in produce return sweeten kick back pay off be profitable be remunerative make a return pay dividends pay out provide a living show gain show profit yield profit earn contribute take advantage of thrive improve better use promote help clear serve utilize avail benefit score aid recover realize exploit be of advantage capitalize on cash in on clean up learn from make a haul make a killing make capital make good use of make it big make the most of put to good use reap the benefit stand in good stead turn to advantage work for blossom bloom multiply flourish advance flower augment batten rise bear increase progress arrive fatten get on hit the jackpot make out do well catch on be enriched bear fruit become rich become wealthy do wonders fare well feather nest get there go places go to town grow rich hit it big make mark strike it rich

Antonyms of make money

differ oppose reverse tell truth be original be honest earn lose harm deteriorate worsen condemn block hinder injure obstruct hurt fail decline shrivel wither languish recede retreat retrogress decrease refuse shrink

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