Meaning of kama karna in english

Interpreting kama karna - कम करना
As noun : mitigate Ex:  Atmospheres do mitigate such effects
assuage attenuate let Ex:  Please let me get by . damp Ex:  Botanical monocot plant, whose various species grow in damp places decrease Ex:  These studies have shown a significant decrease in cytokine output of shorten Ex:  The teacher asked him to shorten the essay. discount Ex:  Patrons using an EZ-Link card receive a discount for their journey ease up Ex:  Conduct a handily horse Holding hands high reins , to support, to prevent stumble, fall, or to give him ease up front, to kowtow eat away smooth Ex:  The top of the wall was lined with a smooth pipe cut Ex:  Now, cut in some more butter . slim down Ex:  I need to eat less so I can slim down . remit slack detract pare down lull Ex:  After a February lull whittle away lower Ex:  The f lower let off a wonderful smell . bridge Ex:  The bridge washed away in the f lood . shave Ex:  He had a shave before he came, thats why he was looking better. palliate
As verb : reduce Ex:  To reduce the expense of outside plant relieve Ex:  Flowerbed iron, iron bar under the keystones of a stone flower bed, to relieve the scope soften Ex:  Soil used to be soften if plants are to be planted in it. retrench allay Ex:  To allay Renault's suspicions about his motives dampen Ex:  Construction made way to clearly structure and established at the entrance of a port and above water to dampen the violence of the waves scale down diminish Ex:  Action debase, diminish temper Ex:  John's bad temper rules him out for the job . soothe Ex:  , Knock arms hands, Flex someone, soothe slake abridge Ex:  , Making someone die by inches, The languish prolonging the sentences of mind, worries, sorrows that could save him or abridge it curtail Ex:  This illness forced Cash to curtail his touring. slow Ex:  Poetry should be recited in slow rythmic cadence. abate dim Ex:  The companion could be very dim absorb Ex:  Because meteorites in space absorb and record cosmic radiation pare relax Ex:  You really ought to relax . minimize Ex:  If a "super" flood comes, the dam is expected to minimize its effect. minimise Ex:  Some species, such as the Cane Toad , lay poisonous eggs to minimise predation. depress break Ex:  I have to break in a new receptionist . slacken Ex:  Taking its course, provide a race slacken his pace slim Ex:  The block preserved the slim 103–102 lead with 40-odd seconds left to play
Other : to decrease Ex:  In an attempt to decrease vehicle dependency and road congestion to relax Ex:  A gun is hard, that is strong, that is easy to relax to subtract Ex:  Action to subtract an amount from another to reduce Ex:  Also, Carthage was to reduce its fleet and pay a war indemnity. to moderate Ex:  Not having either large mountains or oceans nearby to moderate its temperature to deduct Ex:  Reasons to deduct long whittle down waste Ex:  Don't waste any more time racking your brain .
Suggested : to ease or alleviate (pain, distress, anxiety, need, etc) to weaken or reduce in force , intensity, effect, quantity, or value to bring down to a smaller extent, size, amount, number, etc to make milder or less severe relieve ease mitigate to lessen in force or intensity, as wrath , grief, harshness, or pain moderate
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Usage of कम करना:
1. एक हफ्ते में यदि आप अपना वजन कम करना चाहते हैं तो इस खबर को ज़रूर पढ़ लेंlivehindustan.com2. तनाव कम करना चाहता है PAK लेकिन सीमा पर लगातर हो रही घुसपैठ व फायरिंगlivehindustan.com3. अगर आप अपना वजन कम करना चाहते हैं तो इन चीजों को भूलकर भी न खाएंlivehindustan.comRelated words :
As verb : 
कम करना (जैसे शक्‍ति - abridge
kama karna can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 7 including consonants matras. Transliteration : kama karanaa

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