crier meaning in marathi

Word: crier
Meaning of crier in english - herald, informant/informer, messenger, town crier, snitcher, stoolie, tattler

Meanings in marathi :

vaadhaavana ( वाधावना )
दवंडी पिटणारा
Synonyms of crier
adviser harbinger bearer courier reporter precursor prophet signal token runner forerunner indication outrider accuser announcer betrayer blabbermouth interviewer journalist preacher propagandist rat sneak source stool pigeon tattletale double-crosser canary deep throat newscaster/newsperson notifier go-between emissary mediator gofer ambassador envoy detail agent carrier minister post detachment intermediary delegate commissionaire dispatcher schlepper delivery person errand person flag-bearer fink weasel songbird finger snake singer squealer tipster nark newsman fat mouth fork tongue ratfink bellman proclaimer publicizer
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