crooked meaning in marathi

Word: crooked
Meaning of crooked in english - bent, angled, evil, corrupt

Meanings in marathi :

vaatak ( वाटक )
Synonyms of crooked
curving meandering twisted sinuous winding gnarled curved devious errant serpentine bowed rambling deformed deviating distorted hooked spiral zigzag slanted crippled angular awry circuitous cockeyed indirect irregular kinky lopsided misshapen oblique roundabout screwy snaky topsy-turvy tortuous uneven anfractuous asymmetric twisting tilted skewed warped contorted disfigured agee catawampus incurving knurly not straight out of shape tortile unscrupulous deceitful shady dishonest fraudulent lying crafty criminal dishonorable double-dealing dubious illegal iniquitous nefarious questionable ruthless shifty treacherous underhand unlawful unprincipled untruthful
Antonyms of crooked
honest lawful moral straight untwisted unbent good law-abiding ethical principled scrupulous frank trustworthy truthful aboveboard
Identical words :
As adjective :
crookedly - avhaasavha ( अव्हासव्हा )
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