Meaning of nishchay karna in english - Nishchay Karna meaning 

Meaning of nishchay karna in english

Interpreting nishchay karna - निश्चय करना
Suggested : to invest with ministerial or sacerdotal functions confer holy orders upon to solve or conclude (a question, controversy, or struggle) by giving victory to one side to perceive with the eyes look at to come to a definite or earnest decision about determine (to do something) to repair mend
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Usage of निश्चय करना: 1. This helped somewhat to resolve the housing problem 2. The window has steamed up, and I can't see . 3. Action to decide whether or result of this action 4. This acknowledged fact, one must necessarily conclude that 5. This suit can not keep, conserve, settle its practices 6. The majority of Dominicans feel that pressuring from the USA 7. He won five fights in 1955, before losing a decision to Ralph 'Tiger' Jones. 8. Eichmann traveled to Auschwitz to make sure that Rudolf Hoess 9. In terms of trade, it means Enumeration and valuation of goods in stores and assessment of the assets and liabilities, to ascertain profits and losses and to set the record 10. He managed to convince Borlaug to help with this new
nishchay karna can be used as noun or verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 11 including consonants matras. Transliteration : nishchaya karanaa 
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