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Clear meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Clear
As noun : अंचुता Ex:  A publicist should be an intellectual person with a clear idea of whatever he wants to describe.
अंजारना Ex:  investigation showed that he was in the clear अकलक Ex:  Cross-sections of the monocot and dicot stems are very clear under microscope. अकिल्विष Ex:  The meaning of the phrase was not very clear to me. अकृष्णकर्मा Ex:  we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe अखंड़न Ex:  Much that was dark is now quite clear to me अड़ंग Ex:  The thief left very clear fingerprints on the glass. अडिग Ex:  Please, change the aerial direction so that radio can give clear voice. उ:   वे संस्कृतियों के मध्य सेतु की तरह अडिग और सदा सक्रिय रहे। अतिग्रह Ex:  You must refer to thesaurus to clear your doubts. अतिवाहन Ex:  Please clear the mess. अदुषित Ex:  There is no clear demarcation between the concepts of language and dialect. अनंझ Ex:  His evasion of his clear duty was reprehensible अनदोष Ex:  The rare view mirror had to be adjusted to get a clear view.
He carefully adjusted his tie before going for the inteview.
अनुमति देना Ex:  Basic mathematic conceptions are still not clear to me. अनुरुप Ex:  The thief took a flying jump to clear the wall of the house to escape the dog persuing him. अनुहरत Ex:  The neatly contoured lines of her new house shows its clear structure. अनुहारि Ex:  A clear glass of water was kept on the table. अनेड़ा Ex:  It takes clear two days to reach Indore. अपंकिल Ex:  I could see myriads of stars in the clear sky. अपघन Ex:  I couldnt get a clear view of the TV screen from a distance. अपर्वत Ex:  I have a clear idea about all the formulae. अपल्ल Ex:  Her death is a clear case of suicide. अपिच्छिल Ex:  To clear the road the workers kept on shoveling the snow. अपील Ex:  A large number of persons flocked near the open air stage to have a clear view of the drama being enacted. उ:   अपनी वैश्‍िवक अपील के कारण यह पर्यटकों को भी पसंद आता है। अप्रतिरोध Ex:  The garden was clear from weeds. अभिनिष्पन्न Ex:  I am still not clear about the basic concepts of mathematics. अभीजात Ex:  I put a clear statement on this issue. अभीरुण Ex:  I went to my masters house to clear some doubts in maths. अभूतदोष Ex:  We topped the mountain to have a clear view. अमोर Ex:  We got a clear picture of the cliff from our terrace. अर्ह्य Ex:  After lunch clear the table. अलग्ग Ex:  His statements were crystal clear अवतण Ex:  the golden rule of teaching is to be clear अवसारण Ex:  The snowplough is used to clear the snow. अव्यंग्य Ex:  Let's have dinner begin with a nice clear soup . अहुटानापु Ex:  Please clear all the people out of here . आढ्य Ex:  Please clear the children's toys away . आनुलोमिक Ex:  Please clear all these papers from the desk . आरात् Ex:  I will clear your trip with Dad . आवसित Ex:  Open some windows and clear the air . इजाला Ex:  I want everything clear from here on out . इठाना Ex:  Fred's position is quite clear . इद्ध Ex:  I'll feel better when I get into the clear . इषणि Ex:  I jumped clear of the ball as it came my way . ईरण Ex:  I hear you loud and clear . उंच Ex:  The teacher sang the names out loud and clear . उतारना Ex:  She had heart surgery but it was clear that her health was declining. उदभिन्न Ex:  Once it was clear that Germany was going to be defeated उद्वस Ex:  Although it was now clear what was on many Maya inscriptions उपप्रदर्शन Ex:  Before his work, the link between the pancreas and diabetes was clear उपयुक्त Ex:  Several weeks later it was clear the second run was also a success उ:   ये बेंज़ोइन धूप के लिए उपयुक्त होते हैं। उपोढ़ Ex:  There is no clear evidence उरहाना Ex:  Thucydides makes it clear in book one उरेपु Ex:  On the long cold clear nights of winter उशत् Ex:  The plants would be plowed under to clear the field for food crops. एककलम Ex:  For storms with a clear eye एधित Ex:  Although such defects were clear as early as 1849 ओलग Ex:  Elizabeth's most trusted advisor, made clear his disapproval. औपयिक Ex:  256 Bang, and on 21 September came back with no clear winner. कमाना Ex:  276 Garand was the clear winner of these trials. कल्पिक Ex:  Sam Hurt's synidicated strip Eyebeam shows a clear Herriman influence कीक मारना Ex:  A consensus was clear that military spending had to be dramatically expanded. कुड़ुक Ex:  It is now clear that the genetic code is not the same in all living things क्रक्कस Ex:  The steel balls can be used to clear enemy dismounts क्लियर करना Ex:  The venue is state-of-the-art with clear sightlines क्लियर होना Ex:  As the scale of Communist assistance became clear in November 1977 क्लीयर करना Ex:  This area would be clear क्लीयर होना Ex:  It was clear that these exit "signals" took longer to reach Earth खरीद लेना Ex:  Before it was well clear of the launch site खाली करना Ex:  It is not always clear what constitutes a distinct alphabet. खाली Ex:  Few of Louis' wars were either clear victories or definite defeats उ:   खाली घड़ा पीठ पीछे हो तो अच्छा है। खिल्ला Ex:  " Adams wondered if it ever would be so clear who these people were खुक्खल Ex:  The Middle East generally has three dominant and clear cultures खुला Ex:  One clear distinction is that in the first case उ:   यह मंदिर सुबह ८ बजे से शाम ५ बजे तक खुला रहता है। खुली जगह Ex:  Rhode Island makes a clear chowder, known as "Rhode Island Clam Chowder". गायब हो जानाना Ex:  Although Vrba is clear in his autobiography चित्या Ex:  Males meticulously clear their bowls and tracks of debris. चुकताना Ex:  It is clear that these weapons had developed into several different forms चुकाना Ex:  Despite some clear differences च्लेअर्ना Ex:  It is not clear what work he was engaged in Ex:  It is not clear when Gutenberg conceived the Bible project उ:   इन्होनें तमिल में छ ग्रंथ लिखे हैं, जिन्हें तमिल वेदांग कहते हैं। छमनीय Ex:  European woodblock printing shows a clear progression from patterns to images टहाटह Ex:  By the end of 1956 it became clear ठलुआ Ex:  ” The actual meaning of Bhumibol's advice was not clear ठल्लपु० Ex:  When he gets a clear look at Ann, the chief begins speaking with great energy. ठालीपु Ex:  The boundary between avian and non-avian dinosaurs is not clear डड़ियाना Ex:  Nor is there clear agreement on how to decide on a name. डोली करना Ex:  It is not even clear whether they constitute a writing system. तंड़ना Ex:  Once the mouth is clear of water तय करना Ex:  France shows clear signs of a growth in royal power during the 14th century तसीलना Ex:  There is still a clear separation between these two communities in Mexico City तीव्र Ex:  Prolonged flow no longer shows a clear interval pattern. उ:   इन परिवर्तनों की गति कभी तीव्र रही है कभी मन्द। दरकिनार Ex:  He also developed a technique of speaking in clear दुरेत Ex:  Together they give a remarkably clear picture of the man दूर करना Ex:  This is clear from contemporary archival documents. दूर Ex:  This accounting made extremely clear the inflow and outflow of trade उ:   शहर से कुछ दूर पूर्व में बंगाल की खाड़ी का तट है। दृड्ढ Ex:  It is not clear when Calvin converted to Protestantism दृढ Ex:  One krill can clear an area of a square foot in about 10 minutes . उ:   संत से आशीर्वाद पाकर रानी की आराधना दृढ से दृढतर होती गई। दोषमुक्त करना Ex:  Howard retained a clear political advantage over his opponents. नाघना Ex:  Prior to IE7, clearing the cache used to clear the index निपटान करना Ex:  "It is clear that human populations are not unambiguous निपटाना Ex:  By the end of 1919 a clear front had formed. उ:   उद्देश्य सार्वजनिक होने से पहले विवादों को आंतरिक रूप से निपटाना था। निपाना Ex:  It is not clear whether any Hutu parties are currently allowed in Rwanda. निभृत Ex:  In a headline, for example, "Man bites dog" it's clear who did what to whom. निम्मल Ex:  While its Greek and Latin origins are clear निरज Ex:  Justinian I's reforms had a clear effect on the evolution of jurisprudence निरजासु Ex:  Achilles is largely missing but it is clear that he is armoured. निरदोखी Ex:  This distinction is made clear in the official French name of the body निरनयोज्य Ex:  Mule-pulled carts were filled from much larger wheelbarrows to clear the dirt. निरभ्र Ex:  Although the function of the story of Atlantis seems clear to most scholars निराक्रोश Ex:  Specifically, it is the largest clear square in Europe. निर्दोश Ex:  This makes it clear when a question is being asked. निर्दोष Ex:  So clear a point is this उ:   मुकदमे में निर्दोष हो छुटकारा पाया। निर्बाध Ex:  This is very clear at right उ:   इससे उसकी शिक्षा दीक्षा भी निर्बाध तथा पूर्ण हुई। निर्मल Ex:  It is not clear for which companies Shakespeare wrote his early plays. उ:   उनकी मूर्ति बड़ी निर्मल दिखायी देती है। निर्मायल Ex:  It was clear that Syd didn't know the play निर्वृत Ex:  Dyck points out that "the record is not as clear as Morton and Knopff imply. निष्कलंक Ex:  It is clear that the Ogham alphabet was modelled on another script पजावना Ex:  It is clear that a genus contains species. परदर्शी Ex:  Although it is not clear which is the cause and which is the effect पराकरण Ex:  What has become clear पाकोजा Ex:  The art of Marcel Duchamp becomes clear when seen within this context पार कर जाना Ex:  Melbourne commonly enjoys extended periods of mild weather and clear skies. पार करना Ex:  It is not clear how much water intake is needed by healthy people पारय Ex:  It is not clear where funding for such a system would come from पार्दर्शक Ex:  Children are less likely than adults to clear the infection. पास करना Ex:  Of those infected between the age of one to six, 70% will clear the infection. पुरस्करण Ex:  If the host is able to clear the infection पूरा करना Ex:  Although none of the available drugs can clear the infection पूरी तरह से Ex:  It generally forms under otherwise clear or nearly clear skies पूर्ण Ex:  There can be no one clear date for a process such as this . उ:   जो पूर्ण मोक्षदायक व स्वयंभू है। प्रणोद Ex:  � Shaheen did not agree with them: �Let us be very clear . प्रतर Ex:  The Indian view does not make such clear dichotomies . प्रतूर्ण, प्रतूर्त Ex:  There is a clear division of labour within the chloroplast . प्रपूर्ण Ex:  A black dot, black Cloud appearing in clear skies and announces the storm प्रयोजनवान् Ex:  A clear प्रविविक्त Ex:  A clear and well-scrubbed floor प्राणाय्य Ex:  A clear mind प्राप्तरूप Ex:  A clear thought प्रेषना Ex:  A clear title प्रैष Ex:  A very clear comment फरके Ex:  A very clear windows फरक्क ‡ Ex:  Action to clear फरहर ‡ Ex:  Botanic common name of a plant whose leaves are terminated by a kind of vase filled with a clear and pleasant water to drink, otherwise called Nepenthes फिटाना Ex:  By extension, clear his throat, make the most distinct फिरयाना Ex:  Calm, clear up, getting a pain बताना Ex:  Clear evidence , as clear as day बनवना ‡पु Ex:  clear muslin Kind बनाना Ex:  clear syrup उ:   सी-डैक का शुरुआत में मुख्य उद्देश्य स्वदेशी महासंगणक बनाना था। बनावना Ex:  Collect the clear picture, the confused image of an object बलीयस् Ex:  Column isolated, isolated statue, column, statue, which by no means clear the wall of the building बाइज्जत बरी करना Ex:  Dishes very clear silver बिक जाना Ex:  Effect clear evidence that a product in mind, certain that we have the truth of a fact, a principle बिड़वना Ex:  Everything shines in this house, everything is clear and there Polished बिलगाना Ex:  Fire is clear nature बिसवना Ex:  Having an easy style, write in a natural way, clear that seems not to have given penalty बीकट Ex:  Having hair well clear बुध्दिमान Ex:  He also said a bright, clear light that illuminates to quickly warm the people arriving बेँचना Ex:  He also said, in the tapestry works, wools and silks clear that serve to enhance the book बेच देना Ex:  He claims he is in this house, but without clear his descendants बेचना Ex:  He gave this issue a clear resolution, obscure, ambiguous बेतकसोर Ex:  He never gave me a clear proposal, a clear answer भारावतरण, भारावतारण Ex:  Here I am clear of my promise भूरपूर Ex:  His conscience is clear भेजना Ex:  His conscience is clear मंजूर करवाना Ex:  His conscience is clear मर्मव्यथा Ex:  His memory is disturbed, it is no longer clear memory माक्षी Ex:  I am not gone to the theater and I used my evening work it is a very clear advantage मान्यता देना Ex:  I do not, I do not shape me a very clear idea of this project मुंचना Ex:  I want to clear my eyes मुकलना Ex:  If clear by unknowns particles of a body of which the substance is neither reduced nor altered substantially मुक्काना Ex:  If SE Debonder means clear by a fast flowing, abundant मुक्त करना Ex:  I'll keep you clear of what you may need me मुक्त Ex:  In a clear manner उ:   यह मुक्त स्रोत साफ्टवेयर है। मुक्ताना Ex:  In terms of painting, Moonlight, Table representing a decision to clear the Moon मुबर्रा Ex:  In terms of photography, negative test, event in which the colors are reversed, that is to say that the shadows of the object are represented by clear and vice versa मुस्तफा Ex:  It also says the clear evidence a fact which someone is charged मूकना Ex:  It deceives you, the thing is clear मेटना Ex:  It is also said, His intentions are as clear as day मोकलना Ex:  It is also used figuratively means to be clear and मोक्षण Ex:  It is also working adverbially and signifies a clear and distinct manner मोचन Ex:  It is clear that मोचना Ex:  It is clear that मौजूँ Ex:  It is reflected in the dishes, it is very clear and very clear यथाप्रदिष्ट Ex:  It is said in this sense it is clear in this church in this room In this gallery युक्तरूप Ex:  It is the not clear who was' inventor of printing रसाना Ex:  It m ' has sold the property free and clear of all debts and mortgages रिताना Ex:  It means also see clear night रुपायन Ex:  It means, in poetic language, which is clear and transparent as crystal ललित, Ex:  It often means today Who has the clear sound money लाभ कमाना Ex:  Knowledge clear and distinct लुंच, लुंचन Ex:  Leave to someone ' a clear field, Do not oppose his claims, is not to compete with it वपुष्मत् Ex:  Loud and clear sometimes means All costs deducted वर्द्धित, वर्धित Ex:  Make it clear , improve clarity वशिक Ex:  Make it clear a metal object by rubbing वसूल करना Ex:  Make the hoarse voice, less clear and less free than usual विकलंक Ex:  Making clear explanation विक्त Ex:  Making wine to clear the bottling when he was well rested विध्र Ex:  Net Income and clear, clear and liquid विनयन Ex:  Net Profit clear and विनिधौर्त Ex:  Pharmacy Making clear liquor, clearing the impurities विनिर्मल Ex:  Rejoicing extremely , with a great joy that we give clear signs विनिवारण Ex:  Remove, resume, clear his word विनिवृत्त Ex:  Repairing, clear all his wrongs विनोदन Ex:  Ridding, clear of the obstruction, mouth, smoothly विपृक्वत् Ex:  See also said in a clear case L have fared well, the familiar विमलार्थक Ex:  The clear glass विलब्धि Ex:  The horizon begins to clear विश्वासपाट्र Ex:  The law is clear as day विसदद Ex:  The provision contained in this article is very clear विस्तुर Ex:  The reason, the consequence is clear वीतविष Ex:  The wheat are very clear व्यक्त करना Ex:  There are many complications in this case, it is not clear व्यपनय Ex:  There are still opposes HERE to distinguish two locations without clear idea of proximity or distance व्यपनुति Ex:  They say to similar effect: The take-won, the win after a rivalry which gave a clear advantage TOP is said, in a bad sense, of what is excessive in its genre व्यपसारण Ex:  This altar boy has clear voice व्यवाकृति Ex:  This church is very clear व्यादीर्ण Ex:  This diamond is not clear व्यायत Ex:  This has clear point, lack of spring has lost its spring व्युदास Ex:  This historian, very clear indeed, badly explained that part of his subject शफ्फाक Ex:  This is explained in clear terms strong शीघ्रीय Ex:  This is unlikely to be concise, we must be clear शुध्द Ex:  This makes sense expresses a clear thing is obvious षोषण Ex:  This story scrolls past events in a complete and clear सँपूरन Ex:  This tapestry work is almost complete, there is more than clear to put संछेद Ex:  This teacher is not clear in its definitions संतार Ex:  This wine is not yet clear संपद Ex:  This wood is very clear संपीड़ Ex:  To remain free and clear संपृक्त Ex:  Water clear संप्रयोजित Ex:  Water clear spring संप्रसाधन Ex:  We do not easily make us believe, he sees very clear संप्रैष Ex:  Which of the two genres is thin, slender, clear संभृत Ex:  Wind Instruments, metal, in clear and radiant, used mainly for cavalry soldiers ringtones सकिलाना ‡ Ex:  wind musical instrument and reed, whose tone is very clear सद्दश Ex:  clear Truth itself सनेमि Ex:  , a clear style सन्यासन Ex:  , Having a clear mind , Having a lot of clarity in the mind, in the judgment सपाट Ex:  , Having clear ideas, net उ:   यह जिले का समतल सपाट मैदानी क्षेत्र है। समद्धत Ex:  , It is not clear in full view noon, that is, it is not day at noon, says a person who doubts of some thing obvious, or who denies समवस्थित Ex:  , Remove out of the game, in a clear case of a dangerous plot समाधान करना Ex:  , speaking in a theater play, this outcome flabbergasted, He is not brought, made the point, it is clear subject point समाप्त करना Ex:  , There there nothing to guess, this is a clear thing itself समाप्लुत Ex:  , This is clear as two and two make four, it is an obvious thing समुपयुवत Ex:  , This is clear as two and two make four, this is obvious, indisputable सरजाना Ex:  , washing the head of a Moor, washing the head of a donkey, one loses his laundry, We are given unnecessarily to great lengths to make it clear to a man something going scope, or to correct a man incorrigible सलिंग Ex:  Clear the body, clear a shoulder, etc सल्ब Ex:  de be clear, be clear सही Ex:  Des two kinds Who is fuzzy, not clear, not clear उ:   वह 'सादा जीवन उच्च विचार' का सही प्रतीक था। सहीह Ex:  He said, speaking of North America, the First settlers who settled on uncultivated and uninhabited lands to clear the सांगोपांग Ex:  It also means Leave punches to clear a way through the crowd साफ़ हो जाना साफ़ना सुसंनत से गुजरना सेँमुष सेबाट सोहरां स्पष्ट करना स्पष्टतया उ:   ★  अग्निपुराण में स्पष्टतया इन्हें शक्ति का पुत्र ही कहा है। स्पष्टा करना स्वच्छ बनाना स्वीकृत करना हटाना हस्तदक्षिण साफ़ साफ़
As verb : उजागर Ex:  Please stay clear of me . उ:   यह निम्नलिखित पारंपरिक कक्षीय लांच सिस्टम की पूरी सूची उजागर है। उज्ज्वल करना Ex:  Steer clear of that book . उपसयना Ex:  When present the cough may sometimes produce clear sputum. उलाथना Ex:  But after elections resulting in no clear majority to any party or coalition ऊषरना Ex:  The one clear Confederate victory in the West was the Battle of Chickamauga. क्षाल Ex:  Because no one candidate obtained a clear majority खुल्ल Ex:  It is not clear whether he succeeded in meeting Mozart चुकता करना Ex:  Law offers a less clear case. चुकताना Ex:  It is clear that these weapons had developed into several different forms छालना Ex:  The lack of clear leadership ठंड़ा Ex:  It is clear that outwardly he conformed to government policies and positions उ:   उष्ण, हलके ऐमोनियम-द्राव के फुहारे से उसे ठंड़ा करते हैं। ठीक सिद्ध करना Ex:  It was also clear that the Jarmann तीव्रबुद्धि Ex:  Several facts make it clear that he was from a wealthy family दोष मुक्त करना Ex:  By the 11th century, clear glass mirrors were being produced in Islamic Spain. निकास करना Ex:  Davis made it clear that she would not appear in any "dyke movie" निरवशेष शुद्ध Ex:  It is not clear whether Bacon means North or South America. निर्दोष ठहराना Ex:  It was clear that he intended that the letter would be printed in the press निर्विघ्न Ex:  The field at Cannae was indeed clear परिमार्गण Ex:  The mechanism of action is not entirely clear प्रच्चय Ex:  Many early novels carried a clear message of social reform . प्रच्यवन Ex:  To make this point clear let us consider a few examples . प्रधावन Ex:  The British wanted a clear ground for security reasons . फिरयाना Ex:  Calm, clear up, getting a pain फीटना Ex:  clear cotton मुक्ता करना Ex:  In clear and distinct terms रिक्त Ex:  It means also see clear night उ:   स्फुलिंग रिक्त स्थान इच्छानुसार घटाया बढ़ाया जा सकता है। संप्रैष Ex:  Which of the two genres is thin, slender, clear साफ करना Ex:  It is said, in terms of philosophy, in a Certain clear knowledge, direct, immediate obvious truths सूँतना हटना उ:   चांग की सेनाओं को पीछे हटना पड़ा। हूटना
As adjective : अखंड़ Ex:  He trusted her clear steadiness that she would do what she said अखंड़ल Ex:  Firmament is clear on cloudless days. अखिन्न Ex:  The milky way on a clear night is a fascinating sight. अतंद्रमा Ex:  he helped her clear the dining table आवसित Ex:  Open some windows and clear the air . काफि Ex:  He finished the year as the clear No. छोरदार Ex:  After winning a clear victory धड़धड़ Ex:  But lacking a clear leader similar to Mlimo धिष्णय Ex:  As the siege dragged on it was clear that Bohemond wanted the city for himself. पारदर्शक Ex:  Both mountains are visible from Nairobi on a clear day. उ:   इतना ही नहीं पारदर्शक वस्र भी दर्शाये जा सके हैं। पूरा Ex:  During clear days in summer उ:   हमें पूरा भरोसा है अपने देश के संविधान पर। बिना रुकावट के Ex:  fair, clear reasoning बिना शंका के Ex:  Finance Action to clear मुसल्लम Ex:  In terms of Railways, it said in a plate rotating, indicating by its position and color as the road is clear or is not विमल Ex:  stolen Staircase, Backdoor, stolen Corridor, staircase, door, corridor used to clear an apartment and by which one can get in and out without being seen उ:   भारतेन्दु विमल ग़ज़ल एवं कविता भी लिखते हैं। विमलात्मक Ex:  The alteration of the text is clear in this passage विमलार्थक Ex:  The clear glass वीतमल Ex:  The rules should be short and clear शुंध्यु Ex:  This made a clear broth सजग Ex:  Word, clear diction, flow detaches and heard every word, every syllable उ:   सजग और सक्रिय बनाये रखता है। सनेमि Ex:  , a clear style सुहूँ सौँसे ‡
As adverb : समझ में आना Ex:  , Having the eyes of fifteen, clear Show fifteen years as
Other : अमल Ex:  The group called a meeting to finally clear the air उ:   वायरल कंजंक्टिवाइटिस में बताए उपायों पर अमल करें। उज्ज्वल Ex:  In the work of Smuts he saw a clear blueprint of much of his own life चिट्टा Ex:  It generally forms under otherwise clear or nearly clear skies झकझका Ex:  As Wollstonecraft scholar Virginia Sapiro makes clear शुद्ध होना Ex:  We wanted to get me to clear off, but I got off maintained to शुभ्र Ex:  This room, this gallery is very clear साफ Ex:  This is very clear उ:   इस कहानी में प्रेमचंद का देशप्रेम साफ झलकता है। साफ़ करना Ex:  We also said clear Milk Whey साफ़ होना साफ़ उ:   ये महिलाओं के बारे में मनुस्मृति की राय साफ़ तौर पर बताती है। स्पष्ट उ:   एवं अधिकारों का स्पष्ट ज्ञान हो जाता है। स्वच्छ उ:   उसकी शैली स्वच्छ और ओजस्वी है।
Clear ki paribhasha : jisane koi aparaadh na kiya ho .... kuchh ooancha aur apane sthaan se badha hua svar jisamen kisi prakaar ka kalnk na ho bina kisi prakaar ke vighn ya baadha ke kisi vastu ya vyakti ko ek sthaan se doosare sthaan ke liye ravaana karana ooanche sthaan se niche sthaan men laana bauddh shaastr ke anusaar maitraayani ke ek putr ka naam kisi sthaan ko tyaagakar doosare sthaan par ho jaana ek upadhaatu jisake shodhan aadi ki vidhi rasendra- saar men likhi hai bina kisi prakaar ke dosha, kalnk ya apavaad aadi ke
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Clear synonyms
sunny fair light clarion crystal halcyon fine shining luminous pleasant shiny rainless unclouded sunshiny undarkened undimmed unambiguous precise straightforward evident simple clear-cut unequivocal explicit unmistakable distinct coherent definite obvious sharp pronounced patent plain express manifest audible comprehensible conspicuous incontrovertible intelligible knowable legible lucid palpable perceptible perspicuous readable uncomplicated unquestionable lucent apprehensible graspable loud enough open and shut recognizable spelled out transpicuous unblurred stark smooth void bare empty unlimited unobstructed vacant vacuous unimpeded unhampered thin glassy limpid pellucid pure translucent crystal clear crystalline see-through tralucent translucid stainless dismissed innocent cleared discharged blameless guiltless immaculate sinless unblemished undefiled untarnished untroubled exonerated absolved exculpated uncensurable positive sure confirmed satisfied decided convinced absolute resolved clarify erase eliminate loosen unloose tidy sweep extricate unblock refine vacate ameliorate rid cleanse brighten untie lighten disentangle unpack wipe unload purify unburden disengage disencumber lose break up rule out shake off throw off unclog burn off release acquit vindicate explain relieve emancipate let off defog disculpate find innocent let go let off the hook set free negotiate leap hurdle surmount vault overleap receive win make secure get earn gather glean acquire obtain gain accumulate net reap realize pick up clean up
Clear antonyms
cloudy stormy shadowy unclear ambiguous indistinct mysterious unintelligible vague congested foggy obscured culpable guilty uncertain rainy dark gloomy dim dull fuzzy blocked clogged closed hindered clouded smudged responsible inexact questionable complicated indefinite unsure equivocal concealed hidden imprecise difficult undefined mistakable filled full undecided doubtful dirty entangle corrupt pollute darken clutter condemn sentence depress upset keep load pile up find guilty hit run into blame convict incriminate accuse imprison hold charge forfeit dissuade disperse fail discourage spend plant waste
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The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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