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each aloneeach composed of a distinct elementeach distributivelyeach maneach of which contains four feeteach of which has a variation of time or recitativeeach of which is touched by the end of the thumb as the appointed incantation is repeatedeach one doing iteach one havingeach one singlyeach oneeach person according to his own spaneach raining yeareach respective countryeach succeeding row increasing by one subordinate square on both sideseach ten being of different metreeach twoeach urging his own reasonseacheagereagernesseagleeaglesear acheear hoop made of goldear hoop of palm leafear jewel worn by mohammedansear jewelear jewelsear of a greatear of an animal that has no external earear of an elephantear of corn in a sheathear of corn in the shootear of cornear of rice cornear of rice or other grainear of riceear or cob of maize in the sheathear or mindear or spike of cornear or spike of holcusear ornament adorned with small gold cupsear ornament for femalesear ornament in generalear ornament in imitation of the spread neck of the cobraear ornament shaped like the crescent moonear ornament with a circle and the swan en graved on itear ornament with a circle to cover part of the cavity of the earear ornamentear ornamentsear ring formed of a bent wireear ring in commonear ring which is made by winding fine gold wire round a form made of the same but inferior materialear ring with a bead embedded in itear ring with a sacred seed fastened in itear ring with gems inlaidear ring with rubies inlaidear rings with a square appendage of goldear rings worn in the rural districts of north ceylonear then vesselsear waxear with a roll in itear witnessear wormeareared cassia cassia auriculataearing cornearly in lifeearly labor painearly lifeearly opportunityearly part of lifeearly part of the morningearly rays of the sunearly rising of the god a song daily sung to awaken the godearly stage of exis tenceearly sun shine of the morningearly timesearlyearn estnessearnearnest desireearnest excessive zealearnest moneyearnestearnestness in a causeearnestnessearningsearringears and tail are like those of an assears forming inside the stalkears of corn by the handears of corn in blossomears of corn tied into a small bunchears of cornears of fine riceears of maize or great milletears pricked up and bent forward as those of an elephantears with the hole much enlargedearsearth adhering to ones feetearth against the walls of a house for sleepingearth and heavenearth as a globular bodyearth as a goddessearth as a theatre for the experience of joys and sorrowsearth as formed of the five elementsearth as the daughter of pirthuearth as the theatre of moral actionsearth deifiedearth im pregnated with sodaearth impregnated with sodaearth is represented as supported on one of its headsearth itselfearth laid down to form the floor of a houseearth lingaearth or groundearth quakeearth thrown down to improve landearth thrown on a corpse at its burialearth thrown up by antsearth wormearth wormsearthearthen chatty to cover a potearthen dishearthen ear ringearthen imitation of red coralearthen lampearthen or other potearthen or wooden water pot of an ascetic or a hermitearthen pan for cooling boiled riceearthen pan with a broad mouthearthen pan with a large mouthearthen panearthen pot not burntearthen pot of a particular sizeearthen pot with a bead like rimearthen pot with a large mouth used as a reservoir for waterearthen pot with a skin over its mouth for a drumearthen potearthen sugar boilerearthen ves sel for the kitchenearthen vessel as a lampearthen vesselearthen wareearthen water jarearthlinessearthly abode of siva described as lying south of meruearthly connectionsearthly enjoymentearthly intercourseearthly or divine powerearthly temporal and heavenly etherial prosperityearthly tiesearthquakeearthworm used medicinallyeaseeasily carriedeasily over looked yet materially affecting the meaningeasily relieved by light foodeasiness of accesseasiness of attainmenteasinesseast indianeast sideeast windeasteastablishment in that degreeeasterlyeastern countryeastern directioneastern hemi sphereeastern mountain behind which the sun is supposed to riseeastern mountaineastern oppeastern sideeastern streeteastern videha country one of the nine divisions of the known continenteasterneastwardeasy and fluent readingeasy and prosperous life in which one may have his hearts desire and en joy life as he likeseasy circumstanceseasy employments given to a waiting servanteasy kind of metreeasy method or scheme ful measureseasy paceeasy styleeasyeat ableseat but littleeat upeateatable that tastes bitter and mustyeatableeatables that promote eruptionseatableseaten by stealth instead of regular food