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l treelablab cultratuslablab vulgarislabor as of smithslabor attended with repeated disappointmentslabor commonly agriculturallabor pains after the discharge of liquor amniilabor pangslabor under difficultieslaborlaborerlaborers share of the wet produce of land or salt panslaborerslaboring caste in agricultural districtslaboring class in agricultural districtslaboring classes in agricultural districtslaboring hardlaborious diligent personlaborious employmentlaborious manlaboriouslaboriousnesslaborslabourlaburlac or one hun dred thousandlaclacelacerationlacerta chameleonlacerta cristalalacerta iguanalack of wisdomlacklacs upon lacslad more than eight and less than sixteen years of ageladladder with two supporting legsladderladeladies hair dressed or folded in a particular mannerladies with fra grant hairladiesladingladle for dipping into a vesselladle for riceladle or large spoonladle used in cooking cakesladleladslady as adorned with lockslady as having beauti ful ornamentslady clivelady in affluencelady in an agricultural districtlady married or unmarriedlady of distinctionlady of ranklady of the houselady wearing choice ornamentslady with a lispingladyladys choice female companionladys choice female friendladys dressing maidladys female companionladys female friend or companionladys female friendladys female retinue or companionsladys maid or female companionladys maidladys waistlage naria vulgarislagenaria vulgarislagginglagr aacutelagramalaid at his feetlaid in ruinslaid uplairlake for irrigationlake on the hyma laya mountainslakelakshman the younger brother of ramalakshmilamb or kidlamblambativelambent flamelambslame foot or leglame kottylame leg or footlame manlame person or creaturelame personlamelameness in the leg or footlamenesslament of a warriors mistress on account of his absence in the camplamentlamentation or episode sung by women and abounding with comparisons be tween the deceased and other objectslamentationlamentationslamentinglaminalamp blacklamp burning day and nightlamp in the form of a five headed cobralamp is brokenlamp lightlamp lighting in octoberlamp of knowledgelamp placed on a potlamp stand used in templeslamp standlamp with flat sideslamp with ghee in the templelamp with three lights in imitation of a tridentlamp worshiplamplampoon on the king nandilampoonslamps and incense spoken of as presented before an idollamps formed by putting oil and wicks in large vessels for illumination of great occasionslamps of boiled rice before an idollamps or kidslamps placed in a square frame in a temple opposite the doorlance or dartlancelancers of an armylancetland apportioned to the respective household ers in a villageland appropriated to buildings as an item in a dowryland attained by purchaseland be coming richland becoming softland compounded of earth and clayland constantly under cultivationland custom houseland customland en closed by trees whichland exempt from taxland for a dwelling house as distinguished from gardensland for which the commutation of tithe has been agreed onland free of assessmentland given by government as a reward for servicesland given to washermenland granted by governmentland granted by the king to a poet or learned manland granted rent freeland held by a cultivator who renders a certain share of the produce to the ownerland held by a privilege from governmentland held free by a a brahminland held free by such a brahman for his dutyland held free of assessmentland held free of taxland holderland in a state for sowingland left waste for upwards of fifteen yearsland lent to another who shares the produce with the ownerland liable to assessmentland long cultivated and worn outland lordland lords or owners shareland markland measure equal to 3 acres used in nelloreland measureland measurers rodland newly broken upland not cultivated for five years or moreland not manured for the present yearland of darknessland of the first qualityland of the poorest qualityland of which one is the sole proprietorland on which any grain but rice is grownland on which paddy is grownland or other sources of revenue not rented but under the direct control of the government offi cersland or otherwiseland ploughed but not sowedland pos sessed from ancestorsland prepared for rice cultivationland registered in the names of severalland shared with othersland smoothed by drawing a board over itland suitable for dry grainland surveyingland taken by leaseland taxland travelland under cultiva tionland under ones controlland waste from time immemorialland well tilledland where dry grain is grownland where salt forms either naturally or by artland where salt is formedland whose crops never fall