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p p acircpa rading the streets in procession at a marriagepa ramount sovereign a title given to princes or used in compliment merelypa rasu ramanpa tentpa troness of boldnesspa troness of grainpa troness of victorypace of a horsepacepaces of a horsepaces of the horsepaci ficationpacificationpacifiedpack bullockpack of cottonpack of to baccopack oxpack saddlepackpacketpacking uppad dy strawpad for carrying burdens on the headpad for the head in carrying a loadpad for the head in carryingpad for the headpad of straw for the head used in car rying a loadpad or saddle for a beastpaddle for weeding or cutting grasspaddlepaddockpaddy birdpaddy fieldspaddy grown to the height of earingpaddy made too tender by moisturepaddy parboiled and dried for huskingpaddypadlockpadyapage n=12 page n=24 page n=265 page n=292 page n=341 page n=4 page n=41 page n=435 page n=448 page n=492 col n=1a page n=524 page n=539 page n=57 page n=612 page n=623 page n=733 page n=735 page n=828 to put onpage n=836 pagepageantpagoda at chillumbrumpagodapagodas given profuselypaid by a government renterpaid to a gurupain and stiffness throughout the body caused by immoderate labor or by cold in the systempain be felt as painpain griefpain imagined to resemble scoopingpain in generalpain in the arms and legspain in the bodypain in the bowelspain in the breastpain in the chestpain in the earpain in the loinspain in the shoulderpain in the sidepain in the vitalepain of hungerpain of mindpain on one side of the headpain terpainpainful dysenterypainful head ache from neglect of bathingpainful or pleasant as associated with bodily and mental organspainful sensations of body or mindpainful sufferingpaining one as the stomachpainingpains in certain arthritical diseasespains in the body from over exertionpains in the limbs as from walkingpains of a pregnant woman before deliverypains of child birthpains of childbirthpains of deathpains of hellpains or agonies of deathpainspaint brush or pencil to blacken the eyelidspaint brushpaintpainted candle or taperpainted canepainted card or clothpainted chamber or hallpainted clothpainted or pictured hallpainted or printed clothpainterpainters brush or pencilpainters brushpainters coarse brushpainters pencilpainters pencils made of cats hairpainterspainting chintzpainting green and yellowpainting reed or pencilpaintingpaintings or sculpturepair as of cattlepair of compassespair of dicepair of dovespair of eyespair of horsespair of indian shoespair of indian slip perspair of kettle drumspair of scissorspair of tongspair or setpair or slipperspair removedpairpakshampal myra fruit injured on the treepal myra fruitspal myra or other fibrespal myra stem used as a horsepal myra treepalace seven stories highpalace the residence of a noblemanpalacepalan keen ornamented with precious stonespalankeen adorned with gemspalankeen as supported by menpalankeen bearerpalankeen orna mented or studded with ivorypalankeen studded with goldpalankeen with sliding doorspalankeen with the face of a lionpalankeenpalankeenspalanquin bearerspalanquin or litterpalatablepalatablenesspalatal class of letterspalate or roof of the mouthpalatepale brasspale of faded greenspale redpale redish colourpaleness of the skinpalenesspalestrapalighapallars and pariahspalliatepalliativepalm leaf of any speciespalm leaf umbrellapalm leafpalm leaves beginning to drypalm leavespalm of the handpalm of the hands with the fingers extendedpalm sugarpalm sundaypalm treepalm winepalmpalmated gourdpalmer wormpalmistrypalms of one who wishes to discover anything lostpalmy ra treepalmyra enclosure or plantationpalmyra fruit seasonpalmyra fruitpalmyra jaggery