English to Tamil dictionary words starting with f

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f aefa bricationfa milyfa tiguefa tiguedfa voritismfablefabled as supporting the earthfabled birth day of the moonfabled carni verous birdfabled cow in the world of the gods which supplies every wantfabled son of siva and vishnufabled to be the abodes of ti tansfabri cating a story without any foundationfabri cationfabricfabricatefabricated storyfabricatedfabrication either varbal or written to deprive another of his rightfabricationfabricator of storiesfabricatorfabu lous gem supposed to be formed of the congelation of the rays of the sunfabulous bird said to devour the elephantfabulous bird whichfabulous cow in the world of indra with the face of a woman and the wings of a birdfabulous eight legged birdfabulous fish to enormous sizefabulous five headed cobrafabulous gem in the world of indrafabulous gemfabulous riverfabulous serpent supposed to support the earth on his head king of the ser pentsfabulous wild cowface as black as charcoal either naturallyface becoming wanface by shameface like that of an owlface like the moonface marked by small poxface of a dogface or chinface set toward the sunface swollen with jaundiceface to facefacefaces or gestures at a personfacetiousfacilitatefacility in attainmentfacilityfacing the southfacing towardsfactfactionfactsfaculties of the body and mind as organs of the soul in the performance of actionsfaculties of the soulfacultiesfaculty of intelligencefaculty of know ledgefaculty of reasonfaculty of reducing ones selffaculty of reflec tionfaculty or power in generalfacultyfade as flowersfade in colorfadefaded color and quality of growing cropsfaded cropfaded flowerfadedfading as a colorfadingfag endfaggotfagotsfail as personsfail in dutyfail in strength as in battlefail urefailfailing as the eyes by earnest lookingfailing in rivalryfailing of the wind at this seasonfailing or being overwhelmedfailingfailingsfailure in a businessfailure in an object or businessfailure in an undertakingfailure in competition or in an enterprizefailure in expectationfailure in moral recti tudefailure in performance of a promisefailure in strength or mental powersfailure or fallingfailure or transgression in the performance of prescribed ritesfailurefaint as a person by a scorching sunfaint at heartfaint awayfaint blue in staining clothfaint color in a gemfaint colorsfaint dyefaint mixture of another metalfaint redfaintfainting a swoonfainting and thirstfainting or other disturbing causefainting through want of foodfaintingfaintness of colorfaintness through hungerfaintnessfair and proper pricefair as compared to peacocksfair complexionfair copyfair dealingfair handfair measurefair sexfair speechfair womanfairfairlyfairnessfaith ful wifefaith less personfaith or systemfaithfaithful companionfaithful love of a husband and wifefaithful matronsfaithful personfaithful wifefaithfulness to ones word or promisefaithfulness to ones wordfaithfulnessfaithlessnessfakeerfakirs residencefal sificationfalco pondicherianusfalconfall by dropsfall in circum stancesfall in dropsfall infall intofall of a treefall of heavy dew when all is stillfall of leavesfall of the dicefall off as leavesfall offfall uponfallfallacy arising from the point in ques tionfallacy in both or one of the premisesfallacy of the reason of an argumentfallacyfalling a preyfalling apart as a mud wallfalling foul offalling fruits or stonesfalling in dropsfalling infalling looselyfalling of the heavy drops of rainfalling offfalling on one rapaciouslyfalling or being struck outfalling perpendicularlyfalling sicknessfalling suddenlyfalling the handfuls as seed in sowingfalling treefalling uponfalling with a clanging noisefalling with a thumping noisefallingfalse accusation or reportfalse accusationfalse appearancefalse argumentfalse armfalse aspersionfalse assurancesfalse calculationfalse dicefalse evidencefalse friendshipfalse hair for dressing the headfalse hair